Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ivy and Clovers - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Like I said on Facebook earlier today, I like green things. My first business was called "Green Light" and I named my daughter "Ivy." Have you read my "favorite things - the green edition" post? I'm not big on blogging about holidays, but being that it's the "greenest" holiday, I think it's only fitting for me to share this St. Patricks Day riddle with you:

st. patricks day clover ivy doily bunting garland

Poor Ivy will probably get called "Poison Ivy" a million times in her lifetime. I held back tears the first time I heard a kid, (ahem, her cousin), call her that last November. But, if she's gonna get teased, I think this is probably one of the coolest names to get teased with. Plus, have you ever seen an ugly "Poison Ivy"? Nope. They're all gorgeous. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day and don't drink too much beer.

Aloha, Rebecca

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