Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mid-Century Side Table - Before and After!

black DIY mid-century side table before and after

Yes, it's another black piece of furniture. Mid-Century this time. I'm addicted. 

black DIY mid-century side table before and after

My cousin got this piece from Salvation Army like 5 years ago. She had plans to make it pretty, but never did. As soon as I saw it, I was INSPIRED. 

black DIY mid-century side table dog pose godivablack DIY mid-century side table fabric lined drawers cigarette burns

I mean, those lines, the shades of brown (the table, not the dog, but thanks for striking your best model pose, Godiva), the water spots, cigarette burn holes, and even some resin drops inside the drawers! It was a masterpiece!

black DIY mid-century side table cigarette burns fabric lined drawersblack DIY mid-century side table fabric lined drawers

Well, at least now it is. 

black DIY mid-century side table

black DIY mid-century side table fabric lined drawers
After a quick sanding and scraping removal of some iridescent pink nail polish drops, I dry brushed it with a TINY bit of dark grey, and tomato red. I just like having depth in my black. By the way, I am IN LOVE with that chip on the drawer. Isn't it awesome? 

With the random resin drops in the drawer, it was essential for me to line the drawers with fabric. Also, with antique pieces, your clothes really smell like "antiques" when you put them inside those drawers. That's another reason why I've been white-washing my drawers, and lining them with fabric. As much as we all love "vintage," I don't think we want to smell "vintage." I love this black and white wood-grain fabric. Can you believe it's from Wal-Mart? I don't normally buy fabric there, cause most of it is pretty thin, but this pattern is gorgeous and perfect for lining drawers! They have it in red and black too. I keep going back for more. BTW- I have a baby bundle set using this fabric in my Etsy Shop. Click here to see it. 

black DIY mid-century side table tapered leg brass casing

Love those original brass casings on the bottom of each mid-century tapered leg. Of course, I'm using Miss Mustard Seed's Typewriter (black) Milk Paint, over the grey and red. Then I sand some more, apply her Antiquing Wax and Furniture Wax (all VOC-Free!) and she's ready to go! I just love the way I can use the MMS Milk Paint and still see the wood grain through it. 

black DIY mid-century side table close up with doily

I love the neutral doilies contrasting with the dark background. 
It started to rain while I was taking pics, and you can see the drops down below. Good thing she's all waxed up! 

black DIY mid-century side table close up with doily

It sold within 2 hours of me posting it on Facebook!

black DIY mid-century side table before and after

black DIY mid-century side table collageDon't forget to pin it, for when you find one of those Salvation Army, cigarette hole mid-century pieces and need inspiration!
Aloha, Rebecca
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  1. You really did a great job of bringing that piece back to life. Sometimes it is hard to see the diamond in the rough, but you clearly have an eye for it. PS - I like ebony furniture too LOL

    1. Thanks! I don't know what it is, but I think each piece needs to be black!

  2. I saw this on's a beauty!! Did you glue the fabric in the drawer or just sit it in their? I can't find nice (and reasonably priced!) paper here so thought fabric would be the next best thing!
    PS. Looove black too ;-)

    1. Thanks Courtney! I use shellac. It works pretty good, but I'm convinced there's a better product out there. I pour a little in first, spread it out with a paint brush, then lay the fabric on top. Then I pour more on top and spread it with a paint brush over all of the fabric and in the corners. I let it dry 24 hours and then it usually needs another coat. Then I febreeze it, haha! For now, it works.


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